Introducing: Modular Learning

We are living bite-sized lives: multitasking and quickly changing. As a result, learning needs to be ubiquitous: to happen everywhere and not just in the classroom.

Modular Learning – part of the IDM’s Corporate Online Learning offering – is a study approach that considers the contemporary demands of learner lifestyles that might hinder longer periods of focussed study.

Modular Learning offers over 100 bitesized modules that deliver specific learning at your particular point of need:

  • Availability – learning resources can be made available at the time of need
  • Flexibility – shorter modules can be curated and pieced together to suit individual learners needs
  • Personalisation – bite sized learning allows us to create pathways that are more relevant and personalised, to address that age-old saying “one size doesn’t fit all”

By breaking learning into smaller chunks, we provide you with a shorter window of concentration to consume knowledge and learn new skills.

Modular study: Learn what you need, when you need

You and your organisation will work in specific ways, confronting specific challenges.

To help you meet your needs and ensure you have the right skills at the right time, we have created a range of bite-sized, module-scale study options that span multiple thematic areas:

  • Content Marketing
  • Creative
  • Data
  • Digital Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Finance
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Print Mail
  • Responsible Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Website

Learn more about these themes and what you will gain from studying in those areas, here.

Try out Modular Learning

The full Modular Learning lesson list is served through online for our Corporate Online Learning customers.

To try out this biteszied learning approach, we’ve unlocked three free lessons for you to dig into, here:

Tactical: Delivering a CRM Programme

Learn the benefits of creating relationships with your customers.

You will explore why not all customers have the same wants and needs and why they need to be treated as individuals

Management: Create a Customer-Centric Communications Plan

Your customers should be at the heart of everything you do, including your communications plan.

This lesson delves into what it means to be genuinely ‘customer-centric’.

Using practical exercises, industry case studies, and our bespoke template, you will produce a ready-to-implement customer-centric communications plan for your business.

Leadership: How Propositions Connect to Target Audiences

Discover why individuals within your audience segments have different needs, and how this leads to them viewing the benefits you offer from different perspectives.

Therefore, you need to consider propositions that resonate with your customers throughout their pathway to purchase.

To enquire, and to book study, contact us at for more information.



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