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Online Diplomas

IDM UK Diploma Online

IDM Professional Diploma in Intelligent Marketing

This qualification is your roadmap to success in leading a team to develop and implement multichannel marketing campaigns.


Postgraduate Diploma in Intelligent Marketing

Drive your leadership skills forward and become an intelligent marketing leader who can successfully develop and manage an effective marketing division in a digital world. 

Online Professional Certificates

Individual Learning

IDM Advanced Certificate in Digital Copywriting

This course will help you achieve your business goals, by writing copy that engages and persuades your audience. Taught online in a live classroom over 10 weeks, with copywriting tasks and individual coaching.

Social Media

IDM Professional Certificate in Social Media

The professional certificate in social media will teach you how to use data to create customer focused social media strategies. You’ll be taken through the entire lifecycle of developing an overarching social media strategy and a campaign based strategy.

Online Awards


IDM Award in Behavioural Economics

Learn how unconscious bias can be harnessed in your marketing campaigns. Understand the theory & practice of simple experiments & applying results.


IDM Award in Content Marketing Strategy

Design effective content marketing strategies which are attractive to your audience and help you achieve your campaign objectives.


IDM Award in Data & Analysis

Learn how the core principles, concepts and practical applications of data and analytical techniques are used in digital and data-driven marketing.


IDM Award in Data-Driven Marketing Planning

Is your marketing campaign planning done in silos and does it lack concrete data to inform your decision making?

IDM UK Diploma Online

IDM Award in Digital Marketing Strategy

Drive digital traffic to your website through strategic PPC, SEO, Affiliate, Display and website activity.

Email Marketing

IDM Award in Direct Mail

Learn how to put the core principles, concepts and practical applications of direct mail into action for your personalised direct mail campaigns.

Communication concept: Hand pressing a letter icon on a world map interface

IDM Award in Email Marketing Strategy

Improve your email conversions, engagement and inbox placement through strategic planning of your email activity.


IDM Award in GDPR

Gain a clear understanding of the main legal requirements and information to make sure your marketing activities involving personal data are compliant to the GDPR and DPA18.


IDM Award in Marketing

If you are new to marketing, or looking to strengthen your understanding of best-practice marketing fundamentals, this course is for you.

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